A first class reputation

Company History

Founded in the Netherlands in 1937, Roba has evolved from a small scrap trading operation into a complex £300m International Group. The 400+ people who work for the company are now engaged in the processing, trading and smelting of scrap in addition to providing stockholding and service centres for new steel and aluminium products.

Such a depth of knowledge across many sectors of the metals industry give Roba suppliers and customers the opportunity to have virtually any relevant industrial question answered or problem solved by somebody who will have encountered it before. It is this strength in depth, which has allowed Roba to provide suppliers with services ranging from bespoke scrap collection methods to education on how commodity Risk Management can benefit their business.

Roba Metals Ltd. was established in the UK in 1987 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dutch parent. Since those early days, the company has gone from strength to strength, establishing itself as a major player in the UK aluminium scrap market and developing a loyal supplier base amongst both scrap merchants and factories alike. 

Servicing plants throughout the UK and Ireland, Roba’s business is growing as fast as their proudly held reputation for honesty and reliability. With a figure rising to in excess of 1200 tonnes of aluminium scrap to process and trade a month, this will make Roba Metals Ltd one of the most advanced and efficient scrap handling centres in the UK.