A first class reputation

Professional Service

The fast payment, which is the cornerstone of Roba’s business, is the envy of our competitors. In most cases, we are able to process payment immediately for all volumes of scrap material, because this is the way we normally work, longer payment means we have to keep a very careful watch in order to ensure that payments aren’t missed. One such solution had to be developed for a UK supplier whose invoicing system didn’t operate fast enough to allow Roba to pay immediately for the scrap. A compromise was reached which carved 30 days off their previous scrap collector’s payment terms.

Accuracy of Administration
Roba UK pride ourselves on the accuracy of our administration, it is after all a vital element of Customer or Supplier service. We work very hard to ensure that all paperwork and payments etc are processed accurately and promptly.

This is why we are always so confident in our internal systems.

We don’t believe in voicemail or automated switchboards. Our business is built on people and our relationships with our suppliers and customers. That’s why we regularly win business from our competitors and why we ensure that if you have a personal question, you get a personal answer. All Roba suppliers have a dedicated point of contact who is fully briefed on the needs of that business, they are able to make quick decisions in order to ensure that the supplier receives the ultimate in customer service.

Honesty & Integrity
Unfortunately, the UK scrap industry still has a reputation for being somewhat shady in nature. Roba’s reputation has been built on the basis that we are open and honest with all our suppliers, to the point that we frequently pay for material that the supplier is unaware they have despatched.