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Factory Arisings

Roba Metals Ltd specialises in servicing the needs of all types of Factory scrap arisings from a range of sectors as mentioned below:-

Automotive - Car Panels, Castings, Aluminium Turnings, Brass & Copper Turnings.

Aerospace - Aluminium Alloy Swarf, Sheet And Extrusions, Aluminium Solids.

Food Packaging - Aluminium Foils from Lid scrap, Container Bottle Tops And Wrapping, Aluminium Kegs From The Brewing Industry, Aluminium Aerosol Cans.

Printing - New Production Litho Scrap From Plate Manufacturers, Litho Plates From Newspaper, Magazine & Commercial Printers.

Architectural - Aluminium Alloy Extrusions From Doors Windows.

Stockholders - Offcuts and surplus stocks from UK stockholders which has a range of materials such as Aluminium, Copper, Stampings & Coils.